Thursday, March 18, 2010


I've done a little sketching and watercolor while at the beach (since I don't sun bathe anymore!).  I've been sitting under a tiki canopy watching the boys play in the water, attempting to capture the beauty not only with my camera, but with my pencils.
This is the southern end of Mahoe Bay.  The water is spectacular, but the colors keep changing as the sun moves across the sky.  Guess I need to be faster!


Kimberly said...

this is goregous!!

Crystal Cook said...

You are very talented, what a great painting! I found you through Kimberly's blog. Your photos are gorgeous! I paint watercolors too, and I know how you can feel rusty when you haven't picked up your brush in a while. Hope you keep painting!

Pamela Jane said...

Oh, I'm so glad to see that you're painting! Looks like another wonderful vacation! (By the way, no AG class this month.)