Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break!

Spring break is finally here.  The kids got out of school on Friday for two whole weeks, so we packed up and headed south for a while. We are in the beautiful British Virgin Islands (and far away from the cold!).  This is the view from our pool, overlooking Leverick Bay.   I've brought some scrapping materials to make (and finish I hope) a photo journal of the island and of the vacation.  I sat out by the pool this morning and put a few of the pages together while my son swam in the water.  I also brought my stitching - I even did a square on the plane!!  So when the light is better in the morning, I'll shoot a few shots of my progress.
But meanwhile, here's some lovely photos of the beautiful Virgin Gorda (and yes, I even brought a printer so I could add photos to my photo journal).

This is Spring Bay.  The boys enjoyed jumping off the rocks into the surf.
These are the gardens below our our balcony.

A spectacular view from the overlook at Gorda Peak.

more to come......

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