Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Squares

Heres' my progress on my squares.  Since I'm on vacation, I don't have any buttons or embellishments, so I used a small shell with a hole on its top for one square.  On the green square, it is a small stone from the Coppermine we visited on St. Pattie's Day.  The green in the stone is actually copper.  How Cool!  I tried to put a small shamrock in next to it, but after two attempts, it just wasn't working for me.  I'll be all caught up on the plane home tomorrow - Ugh! Back to the real world again!!


Kimberly said...

Awesome... that is SO neat!! i wish i had enough patience to do something like that!

Kimberly said...

Thank you SO much for your compliment! Its GREATLY appreciated!!

Lisa Leggett said...

Hi Sharon~
Thanks for stopping by and thank you for such a sweet comment! My goodness, what a nice thing to say! I like your squares too, especially the seashells, they're really pretty! Oh, your turtle from your last post is AWESOME!!
Have a great weekend!