Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stitch Along

Pam has invited a number of her friends and fellow bloggers to stitch along with her friend Amy for the month to celebrate a few birthdays.  I thought "why not" so , albeit a bit late on the month, I've created my grid of 1 inch squares and will be stitching with the rest of the folks involved with Amy's stitch along.
Since I will be 48 this year, I made my grid of one inch squares 8" x 6" to total the magic number of candles on my cake in September. I started my squares with black borders and am not sure I like it.  The spring look gets a little lost with all that black.  But no worries...I can always switch to something with the next four squares!  My embrodiery skills are not the best, but practice makes perfect!  And I definitely need the practice!!
Have a great Sunday.

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serendipity said...

nice squares, isn't his fun
joan in italy