Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a new year, a new Decade and a time for new Beginnings

I've been in somewhat of a creative rut...I started to notice it this past fall with the August DT kit from Scrapbooks-Plus - I just couldn't get into it, if you know what I mean. Then I was planting Tulips in late autumn - cleaning up the yard and I noticed what terrible disarray my beloved gardens were in - when it hit me like a ton of bricks. I have done little in my spare "me" time other than scrapbook. My yard was a mess (by my standards anyway), I had gained weight again - not all of it back, but enough that I (and everyone else) noticed, and I had not picked up a paint brush, worked on a quilt, or done much of anything else I used to love to do with my free time other than scrapbook. And much of what I was scrapbooking was for other purposes than just for me and my family...lots of class design, projects for others, and DT work. It just wasn't as much fun anymore.

So I have made my resolution for this year to get back to being true to myself. In addition to the health related commitments - yes, I will eat more veggies and fruits and drink less wine as well start hitting the gym again - I am going back to doing the creative things I enjoy most and doing it for me. Yes, of course I will share! But the purpose behind my efforts will be more selfish. I have never posted any of my paintings, for example, because I haven't painted at all since I started this blog. This will change...

And I want to try some new things. I'm thinking about picking up crocheting again. It can be done in front of the TV while my husband watches sports on Sundays, and doesn't make quite the mess of cutting out embellishments for my scrapbook pages.

Will I continue to Scrapbook? You bet I will, although I am taking a sabbatical from teaching after I finish the last "All About Me" Basic Grey classes I'm teaching January 23 at Scrapbooks-Plus. (I'm just a bit burnt out!). Additionally, I did not try out again for the Scrapbooks-Plus Design Team.  After a two-year term, I'll give it a rest for a while.  I'll still do some design work for Basic Grey,and I have tons of ideas to follow through on for my own projects and will be posting and blogging about them.
So stay tuned for a new side of me in 2010. More breadth in my creative endeavors (and hopefully less breadth on my backside!).
Hope each of you have a Happy New Year and resolve to bring more variety into your creativity as well!

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susie said...

I knew you painted, but I had no idea you also quilt!
I am looking forward to seeing all of your creations this year - including pics of the garden as it grows!