Saturday, January 16, 2010

Crochet Anyone?

So I have set-out to keep my resolutions this year.  I have been fairly true to my health commitments - hitting the gym at least twine a week so far, eating better and watching the calories.
I also bought a book on learning to crochet and have began to give myself a few lessons on double crochet, single corchet and slip stitches.  This is a little purse that I have been working on in the evenings while everyone else in the house is watching American Idol. (I can watch also, just as long as I keep count of my stiching and hooking!)

I have about seven more leaves to finish and then I have to "assemble" whcih involves a tapestry needle, thread and pearls.  I can't wait to get to that part!  And already I see possibilites for these little flowers.  Of course I'll need lighter weight thread, but how cute would they be on a scrapbook page!!
Stay tuned.

I also have my All About Me Bonus pages completed and a few other Basic Grey designs done.  I'll post just as soon as I get better light to photograph them.


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Looks like you're doing great for a beginner.

SharonVM said...

Thanks so much for your grandmother taught me to chain when I was little. (I think it was her way of keeping me still!. But that is the extent of the skills I brought to this. Some of my rows look a little iffy - and the instructions are very difficult for me to read, but so far, I'm loving it!

susie said...

Did I mention my birthday was January 7th? (giggle!)

Very cute! But...what was the comment about you hooking? (okay - stitching and hooking, but...really!)

Kcrystina said...

That's awesome work for someone who just started to teach themselves. My first few attempts definitely didn't look like yours! *laugh* Keep it up!