Monday, January 4, 2010

January DT Submission Completed: Mission Accomplished!

Seems it has taken me forever to finish the Scrapbooks-Plus DT submission this month. I had the structure of all the layouts finished, it was just those nagging details - you know, the journaling, that last embellishment, and, yes, photographing it all. I took the photos tonight and finished the journaling on the last layout. Tomorrow I'll stop by the store in between meetings in the city and Leesburg to drop them off (yes, I know they are late!), but in the past two years, I've never been late, so we'll mark it as a first.
The manufacturer is Upsy Daisy and the line is Man About Town II. Lots of warm, rich colors.

This first layout is more about glitter than about the photo.  The flourishes and flowers in the design were lovely but they needed something to liven them up.  I used Martha Stewart Brownstone and Antique Silver glitter to make them pop off the page.  I deliberately made the photo small so it wouldn't compete with all my fancy glittering. (how sick is that!!)

I even added an extra flourish and flower from a second sheet of the paper to finish the ensemble.

This "how long" layout is from the page map design for the month. I like the contrast between the boy/winter theme with the girlie pearl flourish and spring butterfly.

This 2009 summary took me the longest time to finish.  So many photos!  It is not my style - too linear.  But serves the purpose of lots of photos in an organized summary of the year.

I thought the title was boring so I added a rub-on butterfly to the chipboard leter.  I didn't think it would work, but it did.

So that's my submission - the last I'm afraid. But no worries; there will be time enough for other musings.....

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susie said...

"That Face" is really gorgeous IRL. I have not used the MS glue...thought it was too thick and would take too long to dry. I will try it the next time.

And I love "How Long" too - the little pearl butterfly is genius in my book. (And your son is GORGEOUS!)