Monday, January 11, 2010

Letter to Myself

A few months ago, Scrapbooks-Plus asked me to finish teaching the Basic Grey "All About Me" classes. We are a little behind schedule, so in January we are holding both the December layout and the Bonus layout classes on the same day.  December's theme was "a letter to myself", so in my rendition I focused my letter on three lessons I have learned in life that I rely on constantly to keep me grounded.
1.  Keep faith in God and realize, that no matter how difficult things get, there is a reason for everything that happens and fails to happen.
2.  Life is all about opportunities and choices - choose wisely.
3.  Find happiness in the present.  No point on dwelling in the past.  Look hopefully to the future, but don't always count on it, because tomorrow is promised to no one.
Guiding principles - for me anyway.

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