Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Memories

Can you believe Christmas has already come and gone!?!? It certainly has been a busy month and with the giant snow storm that left my new, lighted flamingo by my koi pond completely covered in snow, I just lost track of time.
We spent the entire weekend before Christmas digging out, and by losing that weekend to the weather, I became quickly overwhelmed with not much time to get ready for Santa's visit. But Christmas did come with most of our usual traditions.

I did manage to pick up some oysters for our traditional fry on Christmas Eve. I even manged to convince Luke to try one, even though he hates them. Only my mother, Nicky and I enjoy them.

Our tree was beautiful this year - very fat and tall - all adorned with sparkling gold and white velvet ribbons.

All of our stockings were hung on the mantle, waiting for Santa to stuff them full of goodies and surprises. Even the dogs have their stockings up waiting for Bone treats.
Christmas Day brough wonderful gifts, a hearty breakfast of biscuits and sausage gravy and time to play with the kids. I had my traditional Christmas afternoon soak in our huge bathtub and then began to prepare the evening meals for our family.

The table was dressed in gold and red this year. Dinner included eighteen guests consisting of both my husband's and my parents.

And after our huge Christmas dinner of Prime Rib, we enjoyed lovely desserts brought over by Aunt Erica.

If I ever get around to scrapping all of these delightful memories, I'll be amazed. Unfortunately I have a Design Team Kit due January 1 (which I haven't started yet) and the colors are brown and blue - all wrong for my Christmas memories, so I may not get started on scrapping this year's Christmas until after the New Year.
Hope your Christmas was filled with old and new traditions and you get time to scrap all of your 2009 memories.

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