Sunday, November 14, 2010

In the Christmas Spirit

This week, I picked up the Anna Griffin Holiday Traditions Paper Pack along with a packet of dimensional stickers and was overrun with a bad case of Christmas Spirit.  This never happens to me this early in the year (Usually it is Christmas Eve before I realize that it is Christmas already!).  So I went on-line and picked up some great layout ideas.  This first one is a near 100% scraplift from  I had made these fans once before and just had to make them again.
Now to find a perfect vintage family picture to place on the layout.

This next layout is half scraplift and half original.  The left page was inspired by an Anna Griffin design.  The complimentary right page is my own, with my glittered three-dimensional peppermint lamp posts.

The whole thing was just too fun to create.  I know it is early for Christmas Spirit, but maybe it will motivate me to at least start my shopping.  I'd love to do these as a class (I was thinking about a "paper pack" class.  Purchase the paper pack and I'd spend a few hours showing everyone how to make both layouts and a few cards.) But not sure if I will have the time - or if there would be interest since you need the paper pack (and that's a lot of papers to purchase for just two layouts!)

But here's to early Christmas spirit...hopefully it will motivate you, too!

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