Saturday, May 31, 2008

Twenty Minute Makes

I don't know if it's me or it's just the way it is for everyone, but there aren't enough hours in the day to do all that needs doing, plus find time to indulge in my favorite past time - scrapping. So I decided to find cool ways to add new techniques to layouts without alot of time. My inspiration was hundreds of vacation photos and a pile of supplies left over from an SEI Iron-on class I recently taught at Scrapbooks Plus . So I set out to see how I could use them- fast. The result - my first "Twenty Minute Make"

The first layout is my sample for the instructions, which are available in color at the store. The second layout is the one I did for myself of my son showing off his purple leis next to the Tiki Man. You'll note that the neutral tones of the Madera Island paper allows you to coordinate the layout to the prominent color in your photograph.

And I timed myself - iron-on and all, I made the second layout in 20 minutes. Now granted, there was no time for cutting a fancy title or printing computer journaling (but sometimes handwriting your title and journaling can be liberating!).
ONLY TWENTY MINUTES!! I was amazed I could pull it off. I promise you can too!! On your next trip to the store ask for the SEI Madera Island supplies and pick up an instruction sheet.
You’ll Need:
1 sheet of 12x12 Dk Brown Cardstock
1 sheet each of SEI’s Madera Island 12x12
- Arboles Flocked, Corteza, Cebollas
SEI Madera Island Iron-ons
SEI die cut tags
One sheet 8 ½”x 11 of vellum
6 inches of brown or white ribbon
A favorite photo measuring 5.75”x7.25”

Cut Flocked paper 7”x 11.5”. Tear the short bottom edge at a 30° angle.
Cut Corteza 6”x11”. Cut vertical strip from Iron-on package. Measure in 2” and iron the decal onto to the Corteza per the package instructions.

Cut 2 strips from Cebollas, one strip 1”x 8.25”, the other 1”x 8”. Layer the brown side of Cebollas over the orange side with the orange piece skewed from the brown strip’s edge by ¼ inch. (Note: If your photo contains a prominent accent color, like my photo of my son with his purple leis, you can use ANY cardstock color to pull that color out of your photos as an accent. Because of the neutral color scheme of the Madera Island line of papers, you can accent with nearly any color – green, pink, yellow and even hot fuchsia purple! See my sample at ScrapbooksPlus as another example. Simply make the 1” x 8.25” strip and the photo corner – see instructions below – out of the coordinating cardstock)

Cut a third portion of Cebollas 1.5”x 3” for a photo corner. From the center fold the corners to the long edge making a triangle that will form a photo corner.
Tear vellum 3”x 9.5”.

Using the Dark Brown Cardstock as your background, adhere Flocked first, then overlap Corteza with equal distance on top and bottom margins. Adhere vellum no more than ½ inch to the right of the iron-on embellishment. Place photo corner on the right lower corner of photo. Adhere photo 3 1/16” from the right edge of the Flocked paper. Adhere strips of Cebollas to the top. Tie ribbons on tags. Add tag, title, and journaling and you’re done.

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