Sunday, February 14, 2010

Crocheted Handbag for Spring

I finally finished my first crochet project.  It took a while since:
 a) I didn't really know what I was doing and,
 b) I've been working on other projects these past few weeks.

My husband says it looks more fitting for a little girl, so I will most likely give it away to my niece or put it up for auction at my kids' school fund raiser.  (Although we are leaving for Virgin Gorda next month and I could maybe use it at dinner one night!).
FYI, the handles were from a canvas wine bag that my husband received at a golf tournament.  The bag was imprinted with the company's logo (and we would never have the opportunity to reuse it for anything), so I cut the handles off and sewed them onto the purse.

Though not perfect, it's cute and it was good practice for my next crochet project - an afghan (Lord help me!).  If it goes anything like my quilting projects, I may NEVER finish it!

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Pamela Jane said...

Love that cardinal in your header! And when are you going to teach me how to crochet!!!