Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Big Easy

A wedding in Lafayette, Louisiana this weekend gave my husband and I, along with a few of our good friends, the opportunity to party a little in the Big Easy. New Orleans is such a fun town. From Bourbon Street and the French Quarter to the garden district and the wonderful shopping, we had such a good time. Here we are after a HOT walk down Canal street to the Mississippi River for lunch (which would have been a lot cooler had we stayed at the hotel!).
I'm waiting for our friend Kinga to send all of her pictures of us out on Bourbon Street on Thursday night. Those photos should really be interesting!!!
Here's Kinga showing off one of those masks we saw along Canal Street for sale.

Of course the wedding two and a half hours away out in Cajun country along the Atchafayla Swamp, was a way different experience as well. (I have never seen a seven-tiered wedding cake before in my life!!)

It was a beautiful ceremony and a reception party like none I have been to before either. Quite the experience - a really good time with great food and ambiance.

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