Monday, June 14, 2010

Ninety One Days of Summer

My boys are out of school for the summer.  They get exactly 13 weeks for summer vacation.  This year, we decided that each of them would journal everyday throughout the break to keep track of what they did. (It also keeps their writing skills from degenerating over the long break!).  So I thought what a great idea for me, too - a small scrapbook page for each of the 91 days until they go back to school.  Anyone want to play along?  Day One was baseball games, Day Two was football tryouts, and Day Three was gardening and cleaning the pond. (Don't you love my little croaking friend?).,
I'll take a photograph, journal a half page or so and make a simple 8 1/2 " x  11"  page to to keep it all together.  That's the plan any way!
Hope your summer is off to a terrific start - we have 12+ weeks to go!!